Canada Cups 2017 – Un Anouk tout en élégance

Rebonjour! Et bienvenu cette fois sur mon blogue personnelle pour ma deuxième participation à Canada Cups 2017 – Coming Unwired!

Ça fait un long moment que je n’ai pas écrit sur mon blogue… des mois! Il y avait de la neige au sol (ouff… insérez, ici, un émoji horrifié!). Vous vous souvenez qu’en février dernier je vous ai parlé de ma nouvelle aventure chez Club Tissus? Et bien, ce chapitre de ma vie est devenu, […]

You can now follow Élégantine! with Bloglovin

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to claim my blog on Bloglovin! Remember that you can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

Be back soon! xxx

Comfy Cowl Hoodie: Épaules, côtés et bras deux façons

Bonjour tout le monde! Aujourd’hui nous poursuivons la couture du Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and me avec les épaules, les côtés et les bras. Je vous montrerai aussi une méthode alternative pour poser les bras.
Veuillez prendre note que j’ai utilisé la surjeteuse pour assembler mon hoodie, mais vous pouvez sans problème utiliser une machine à coudre domestique régulière. C’est d’ailleurs ce que j’ai utilisé pour faire les photos dans le tutoriel du patron.
Optionnel […]

Cruise Around And Be A Star with Blaverry

Hi! Welcome to my first Blaverry blog tour, Cruise around and be a Star!   You guessed it, I am talking about the all new , updated and re tested Cruise- Chinos and Star top.
*Disclamer:  this post contains affiliate links for products that I recommend, which means that I may get a very small commission if you decide to purchase anything through my links. I also received these patterns for free as part of the promotions team, but all opinions, […]

Pea and Quinly from Blaverry and a Special Discount!

I am sharing another Blaverry make today! Meet the NEW and IMPROVED Pea skirt and Quinly top (Clic here if you missed my last Blaverry post)! And guess what!  I have an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE for my readers on all Blaverry patterns so read until the end for all the details. 
I have a huge crush for Pea and Quinly! I just love the sporty/girly look of this outfit. They are so simple to make! I believe it’s the perfect beginner project.

Je […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate/ Fly tutorial

Hi there! Welcome back to this Clean Slate pattern Feature sponsored by L’Oiseau Fabrics and Peak Fabrics!
Today, we are jumping into the real stuff and we will sew a front fly together! As a bonus, we will also cover how to attach the waistband for both options. It doesn’t matter if you are sewing the shorts, capris or pants, this tutorial is for you! The pattern is well illustrated and explained as is in the PDF […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate Pants/ Inspiration

Hi there! Welcome back to Clean Slate Month! Today as we are closing on Week 1, it will be all about inspiration! Maybe you picked and cut your fabric already, but it’s never too late to pimp up a project with little design details! Sometimes I have a clear idea where I am going from the start, sometimes I just go with the flow and my project evolves while I sew. If you are […]

Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Blog Tour

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Today, I am going out of my monthly program (Clean Slate Pattern Feature), it’s my turn on the Make Laundry, Don’t do Laudry Blog Tour! You will want to read through the end because there’s a link up contest, coupon codes and an awesome giveaway! When Cassendra from Pear Berry Lane first came up with the idea, I was highly amused! (Thank’s for having me on board by the way!) I had recently lost my […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate Pants – Lets Gather Fabric and Supplies

Happy sunday! welcome to day 1 of our first month long feature sponsored by L’Oiseau Fabrics! Today, we will do a little prep work. I want to talk in depth about fabric choices for the Clean Slate Pants/Capris/Shorts. In case you are just joining us, here’s a little recapt of our schedule. Also, take a minute to read the how it works post! Because, when I talk fabric, I always talk too much (ahah I […]

Élégantine! Behind the Scene/ En Coulisses

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I know I have been a little quiet for the past month or so. But do not fear, I did not forget you! On the contrairy, I have been a busy bee and June will be very rich in content. I promess you, I have been hard at work and some awesome stuff is coming soon on the blog. I will bring you lots of new projets, free tutorials, an interview and collaborations. I […]