Boro and Sashiko Jeans mending on Make it and Love It

Hi there, I hope you all enjoyed a nice Easter week-end with lots of family time and chocolate! Things got so busy on my side, with Easter and my son’s second birthday, I almost forgot to publish this post! Oops! Better later than never… I am gonna make this quick and invite you all to head over to the Make it and Love it Blog to read my monthy tutorial: Jeans Mending for Cool […]

Easy Ballet Wrap Skirt Tutorial on Make It and Love It

Hello Everyone! Welcome back on Élégantine! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I sure did. After a crazy week, we had a very peaceful weekend, with lots of family time and lots of sewing for me! Yay! I swear I am going to show you some of it in 2 days! For now, all I can say, is that it will be all about boys!  Today, I just wanted to pop in […]

Delicious Watermelon Pillow and exciting news!

Hello lovely readers!  I have missed you!

As you may well have gathered I have not been too successful at updating my blog in the past month! I even missed my 1 year blog anniversary last week, oops (find my very first blog post here)! Don’t you worry too much about me, I did pour myself a nice glass of wine to celebrate and next year, we will celebrate together on the blog.  This is […]

Comfy Cowl Hoodie: Capuchon, bandes et finition

Bonjour tout le monde! Aujourd’hui, c’est le dernière jour de couture de la Cousette-Jasette du Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and Me! Nous allons coudre le capuchon, les bandes de taille et de poignets et parler de touches de finition! Vous aurez ensuite jusqu’au 30 octobre pour compléter votre hoodie et présenter une photo sur Facebook ou Instagram (ou les deux!) avec le #comfycowlhoodiesal. Apprenez tout ce qu’il y a à savoir sur notre […]

Comfy Cowl Hoodie: Épaules, côtés et bras deux façons

Bonjour tout le monde! Aujourd’hui nous poursuivons la couture du Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and me avec les épaules, les côtés et les bras. Je vous montrerai aussi une méthode alternative pour poser les bras.
Veuillez prendre note que j’ai utilisé la surjeteuse pour assembler mon hoodie, mais vous pouvez sans problème utiliser une machine à coudre domestique régulière. C’est d’ailleurs ce que j’ai utilisé pour faire les photos dans le tutoriel du patron.
Optionnel […]

Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie: Poche optionnelle

Bonjour! Bienvenu au jour 4 de la Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and Me. Maintenant que les préparations sont terminées, c’est enfin le temps de commencer à coudre! Si vous entendez parler de la cousette aujourd’hui pour la première fois, il est encore temps de vous joindre à nous. Lisez le billet d’introduction pour connaître tous les détails concernant le fonctionnement, nos commanditaires et notre concours.
*  Note: J’utiliserai un Comfy Cowl Hoodie pour enfant en exemple […]

Marc Shirt Asymmetrical Collar Tutorial

Hi! I am back with a new tutorial for boys about one of my favorite pattern designer, Filles à Maman! Like you may know FAM is even more special to me since it’s a local  designer and it’s one of the few to offer bilingual patterns. So any time I am talking about FAM I know I can reach all of you awesome readers!
Now lets move on to the topic of the day! How to […]

Élégantine! on One Thimble Blog!

Hey ladies!
I am sharing something very exiting today! I am guess posting on One Thimble Blog! Wouhou! I was so flattered when Jen asked me if I would shared a tutorial about my Cheetah pocket hack on the Hoya Dress from Issue 11.  I really love to share my tips and tricks with you all and I hope you’ll enjoy this new tutorial and use it to create some unique garments with fun pockets! […]

Welt and zipper Pocket Tutorial and a Giveaway !

Hello! Welcome back to the Clean Slate month long feature! Today we are going to talk pockets and I am finally sharing the link to the giveaway to win a gift certificate from L’Oiseau Fabrics, our sponsor for this event! The giveaway will be open for 5 days, real until the end if you want to participate! Remember that today is your last chance to get 20% off your fabric order from our other […]

Pool Side Beach Party/ Elisa Halter Top Bikini Hack

Hello! Welcome to Élégantine! This is DAY 2 of the Pool Side Beach Party Blog Tour! This party tour hosted by Lulu & Celeste, Sprouting JubeJube Productions, regroup 27 bloggers and you will see everything related to pool and beach parties from beachwear to cover-ups and accessories. Read until the end to find out about special discount offers and a different giveaway for every day of the tour!
Bonjour! Bienvenu dans mon blogue Élégantine! Nous sommes au JOUR 2 de la […]