Welt and zipper Pocket Tutorial and a Giveaway !

Hello! Welcome back to the Clean Slate month long feature! Today we are going to talk pockets and I am finally sharing the link to the giveaway to win a gift certificate from L’Oiseau Fabrics, our sponsor for this event! The giveaway will be open for 5 days, real until the end if you want to participate! Remember that today is your last chance to get 20% off your fabric order from our other […]

Clean Slate: Faux fly and Simple Belt Tutorial

Happy monday folks! We are a little late on the program and I apologize! I had some computer problems over the last week and files kept disapearing mysteriously so I had to do twice the work 3 times just in the last 7 days! Hopefully my PC will stop giving me attitude soon! We are still into our month long Clean Slate Pants Pattern Feature and today I am FINALLY sharing with you a girly version! […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate Pants/ Inspiration

Hi there! Welcome back to Clean Slate Month! Today as we are closing on Week 1, it will be all about inspiration! Maybe you picked and cut your fabric already, but it’s never too late to pimp up a project with little design details! Sometimes I have a clear idea where I am going from the start, sometimes I just go with the flow and my project evolves while I sew. If you are […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate Pants / Pick Up a Size and Basic Alterations

Hi there! Welcome back to the Clean Slate Pants Feature sponsores by Peak Fabrics and L’Oiseau Fabrics! Today we are going to discuss how to pick up a size and do basic modifications. I intended to write about inspiration too but realised that I had too much to say about the first 2 and I didn’t want the post to be too heavy! I’ll come back tomorow with a quick post about boys and girls inspiration. If […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate Pants – Lets Gather Fabric and Supplies

Happy sunday! welcome to day 1 of our first month long feature sponsored by L’Oiseau Fabrics! Today, we will do a little prep work. I want to talk in depth about fabric choices for the Clean Slate Pants/Capris/Shorts. In case you are just joining us, here’s a little recapt of our schedule. Also, take a minute to read the how it works post! Because, when I talk fabric, I always talk too much (ahah I […]

June Pattern Feature Announcement: Clean Slate Pants

Hello and Welcome!
Today I am very excited to announce my first month long pattern feature sponsored by L’Oiseau Fabrics* and Peak Fabrics around the Clean Slate Pants from Blank Slate Patterns! Read until the end to find out all about it! Above you can see here my first version of the Clean Slate Pants (shorts version). I used a stretch twill and added cuffs (see my free tutorial here) and biais around the pocket opening. I will discuss more […]