Hey everyone! I know I am a little early and it’s still Thanksgiving weekend but I wanted to share with you my Holiday makes. I am usually very last minute when it comes to Holiday sewing. When I say last minute, it’s beading Amélia’s Christmas Eve dress pass midnight on a december 23. So when I had the opportunity to test the new Holiday patterns from the Dream Sparkle Shine Collection from Little Lizard King, I was immadiately on board.  I have been part of the LLK testing team for more than a year now and everything that I sewed in this context makes it on my favorite sew list. But the outfits that I am sharing with you today are even more special and easily on top of the list.

With the year coming to an end, I find myself looking back and cannot help but be thankful for all the wonderful things sewing brought into my life. I get to be inspired and challenged every single day and fill my life with the beautiful things that I create with my own hands. Along the way, sewing and blogging also brought me wonderful friendships. Designers, bloggers, momtrepreneur, fans, everyday I get to know one of you a little better and I feel blessed for that.

I have been sewing now for about 3 years now and after almost every new make, I still get that wonderful feeling of amazement contemplating a finished project. I am really wishing that this feeling will never go away because it adds to my joy of sewing a lot.


If you follow me, you might have already seen these first patterns on my Instagram account or my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. They where the first patterns of the mini collection. My niece is wearing the Heart of Gold dress and my daugther is wearing the the Lacey Layering top and City Light Circle Skirt. I am just showing them really quick because today’s topic is the new addition to LLK Dream Sparkle Shine realesing today!

First here’s the Confetti Dress a dress with 2 knit bodice flounce bodice option (regular or empire waist), 3 sleeves options and 2 skirt lengths. The bodice is in knit and the skirt can be made in woven, knit or speciallity fabrics like tulle. For obvious resons (aka Canadian Winter) I chose the long sleeve option using this gorgeous Hamburger Liebe jersey  from Miss Maika Fabrics that I had been hoarding especially for Holiday sewing since last year. This is the kind of jersey that you can dress up or down easily (see my post from yesterday where I use it for a everyday weat outfit). I decided to pair it with this wonderfully bright red tulle to create this magical look.


I can say that this Confetti dress by designer Cassie Nicole for LLK is Amélia favorite dress now! The fit is perfect, it is playful, girly, modern, what not to like? I already have another one cut, and this time I will go a knit skirt!


She says that it’s her princess dress and I cannot agree more with her on that. You know your kid loves what you made her when you don’t have to ask her to pose in front of the camera, right? What a show she gave me! I feel that I am getting better with my speedlite, although there is still some room for amelioration. Anyway I enjoy practicing a lot!


One of the thing I like about this dress is how inexpensive it was! Yes I used an expensibe jersey for the top outside layer, but I lined it with a medium weight very commun cotton lycra solid jersey. The lining is polyester satin and the skirt is tulle both of which cost almost nothing but still look and feel nice.

 If you are wondering why my wall changes so much, well I will have to tell you that I have been practicing my photoshop skills lately and there is no better way than practice to make it better.


Now, here’s another make that I am really excited about! This time, I am bringing you the Ladies (yes I said ladies!) City Light Circle Skirt. Sounds familiar? Well, it’s the women version of the kid City Light Circle Skirt by designer Jane Maikran Reuter the newest designer that joined the Little Lizard King team. She designed a couple of super cute patterns so far, you might want to check them out!


My circle skirt is made out of 5 layers of tulle, 1 layer of netting, 1 layer of satin lining and 1 layer of polka dot mesh. And the really nice thing about that skirt is that it has an elasticated waist which means that it is so easy to customize to your body shape.The skirt pattern has so many lenght and styles options from short circle tulle skirt (shown here) to maxi gathered chiffon skirt. I have so many outfit ideas including different versions of this skirt!


Anyway, I am so thrilled about how my look turned out! And yes I took photos when it was snowing. But I now have a wireless remote, which makes taking autoportrait so much easier and faster. I was done in 30 minutes top and yes it took me almost 2 hours to feel warm again but it was so worth it! It is silly, but I felt a little like a snow queen! ahah! Well if I am the mom of a princess, aren’t I allowed the title of queen? I always feel a little weird taking photos of myself, might as well get some fun out of it!


I really tried to show you the serious twirl factor of this skirt. But unfortunately, having a remote doesn’t help with how difficult it is to spin on the slippery snow. I may or may not have fell on my butt one time or two and finally had to give up.


To complete the look, I sewed a Zippy Top by See Kate Sew and feeling a little wild that day, I decided to make it into stretch velours instead of a woven fabric and I left the zipper out. Instead of a facing, I simply serged the edges, turnes under and topstitched. It is now my favorite top, it is so comfortable and easy to wear. I am thinking of going back to the store and grab a few more colors. I want to make all the things velours and tulle now!

Don’t forget to visit Little Lizard King store and shop their Blackfriday Sale! Its 30% off the entire store all weekend (until monday November 28 1016)
Visit their facebook page to get the code! And just so you know there are other patterns in the Dream Sparkle Shine mini collection and they are all so worth it!

I am so happy about my looks!

Thank’s for reading!