A princess and a queen in tulle!

Hey everyone! I know I am a little early and it’s still Thanksgiving weekend but I wanted to share with you my Holiday makes. I am usually very last minute when it comes to Holiday sewing. When I say last minute, it’s beading Amélia’s Christmas Eve dress pass midnight on a december 23. So when I had the opportunity to test the new Holiday patterns from the Dream Sparkle Shine Collection from Little Lizard King, I was immadiately on board.  I have been part of the LLK testing team for more than a year now and everything that I sewed in this context makes it on my favorite sew list. But the outfits that I am sharing with you today are even more special and easily on top of the list.

With the year coming to an end, I find myself looking back and cannot help but be thankful for all the wonderful things sewing brought into my life. I get to be inspired and challenged every single day and fill my life with the beautiful things that I create with my own hands. Along the way, sewing and blogging also brought me wonderful friendships. Designers, bloggers, momtrepreneur, fans, everyday I get to know one of you a little better and I feel blessed for that.

I have been sewing now for about 3 years now and after almost every new make, I still get that wonderful feeling of amazement contemplating a finished project. I am really wishing that this feeling will never go away because it adds to my joy of sewing a lot.


If you follow me, you might have already seen these first patterns on my Instagram account or my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago. They where the first patterns of the mini collection. My niece is wearing the Heart of Gold dress and my daugther is wearing the the Lacey Layering top and City Light Circle Skirt. I am just showing them really quick because today’s topic is the new addition to LLK Dream Sparkle Shine realesing today!

First here’s the Confetti Dress a dress with 2 knit bodice flounce bodice option (regular or empire waist), 3 sleeves options and 2 skirt lengths. The bodice is in knit and the skirt can be made in woven, knit or speciallity fabrics like tulle. For obvious resons (aka Canadian Winter) I chose the long sleeve option using this gorgeous Hamburger Liebe jersey  from Miss Maika Fabrics that I had been hoarding especially for Holiday sewing since last year. This is the kind of jersey that you can dress up or down easily (see my post from yesterday where I use it for a everyday weat outfit). I decided to pair it with this wonderfully bright red tulle to create this magical look.


I can say that this Confetti dress by designer Cassie Nicole for LLK is Amélia favorite dress now! The fit is perfect, it is playful, girly, modern, what not to like? I already have another one cut, and this time I will go a knit skirt!


She says that it’s her princess dress and I cannot agree more with her on that. You know your kid loves what you made her when you don’t have to ask her to pose in front of the camera, right? What a show she gave me! I feel that I am getting better with my speedlite, although there is still some room for amelioration. Anyway I enjoy practicing a lot!


One of the thing I like about this dress is how inexpensive it was! Yes I used an expensibe jersey for the top outside layer, but I lined it with a medium weight very commun cotton lycra solid jersey. The lining is polyester satin and the skirt is tulle both of which cost almost nothing but still look and feel nice.

 If you are wondering why my wall changes so much, well I will have to tell you that I have been practicing my photoshop skills lately and there is no better way than practice to make it better.


Now, here’s another make that I am really excited about! This time, I am bringing you the Ladies (yes I said ladies!) City Light Circle Skirt. Sounds familiar? Well, it’s the women version of the kid City Light Circle Skirt by designer Jane Maikran Reuter the newest designer that joined the Little Lizard King team. She designed a couple of super cute patterns so far, you might want to check them out!


My circle skirt is made out of 5 layers of tulle, 1 layer of netting, 1 layer of satin lining and 1 layer of polka dot mesh. And the really nice thing about that skirt is that it has an elasticated waist which means that it is so easy to customize to your body shape.The skirt pattern has so many lenght and styles options from short circle tulle skirt (shown here) to maxi gathered chiffon skirt. I have so many outfit ideas including different versions of this skirt!


Anyway, I am so thrilled about how my look turned out! And yes I took photos when it was snowing. But I now have a wireless remote, which makes taking autoportrait so much easier and faster. I was done in 30 minutes top and yes it took me almost 2 hours to feel warm again but it was so worth it! It is silly, but I felt a little like a snow queen! ahah! Well if I am the mom of a princess, aren’t I allowed the title of queen? I always feel a little weird taking photos of myself, might as well get some fun out of it!


I really tried to show you the serious twirl factor of this skirt. But unfortunately, having a remote doesn’t help with how difficult it is to spin on the slippery snow. I may or may not have fell on my butt one time or two and finally had to give up.


To complete the look, I sewed a Zippy Top by See Kate Sew and feeling a little wild that day, I decided to make it into stretch velours instead of a woven fabric and I left the zipper out. Instead of a facing, I simply serged the edges, turnes under and topstitched. It is now my favorite top, it is so comfortable and easy to wear. I am thinking of going back to the store and grab a few more colors. I want to make all the things velours and tulle now!

Don’t forget to visit Little Lizard King store and shop their Blackfriday Sale! Its 30% off the entire store all weekend (until monday November 28 1016)
Visit their facebook page to get the code! And just so you know there are other patterns in the Dream Sparkle Shine mini collection and they are all so worth it!

I am so happy about my looks!

Thank’s for reading!




Everyday Wear with Petit Stitchery & Co

November 24th, 2016|Blog Tour, Miss Maika Fabric|7 Comments


Good morning everyone and Happy Thanskgiving and for those not celebrating Thanksgiving, Happy Blackfriday weekend!

I am Valerie and I am please to welcome you from my little corner of Quebec on my stop for the Petite Stitchery &Co blog tour. Petite Stitchery is the newest pattern company created by a few very talented ladies. They will be offering patterns in collections a few times a year and what is great about that is how they all match very well together to create a wardrobe.  I chose to present you 2 patterns from their Fall collection today, the Sapphire layering top and the  Fawn Leggigns.

Like most blog tour, you might want to read until the end because there is a sale and a Rafflecopter Giveaway!


Bon matin et joyeux Thanksgiving et pour ceux qui ne célèbrent pas, et bien je vous souhaite un joyeux weekend noir!

Je suis Valérie, blogueuse à Élégantine! et c’est avec plaisir que je vous accueille dans mon petit coin du Québec dans le cadre de la tournée des blogues Petite Stitchery & Co. Petite Stitchery & Co est la toute nouvelle compagnie de design de patrons crée par un groupe de femmes de talent! Elles nous offriront des patrons par collection quelques fois par année et ce que je trouve extraordinaire dans leur concept est comment les designs sont conçus pour se compléter et créer une garde-robe cohérente. J’ai choisi de vous présenter aujourd’hui deux patron de leur collection automne 2016: le Sapphire layering top et le Fawn Leggigns.

Et bien sûr comme dans la plupart des tournées de blogues, je vous invite à lire jusqu’à la fin puisque je vous parlerai d’un rabais et d’un concours Rafflecopter.



The theme of the blog tour is everyday wear and I was quite happy about that because I am afraid I have been sewing too much fancy clothes lately and my girl wardrobe truly lack in that department. Seriously, when comes the time to dress her up on regular days, she has almost nothing to wear. Oups. I chose the leggings and layering top mostly because my fabric choice dictated the patterns I would sew. I have been trying not to buy too much fabric lately because frankly, I have no more space to store it. So when comes the time to choose a new sewing project, I choose the fabric and then choose the pattern. It’s a great way to sew up your stash. If I do the other way around, I will likely go buy something missing like a button or a lining and will leave the store with the car full of fabric. Of course.  I am sure you are all recognizing yourself a little here. Am I right?

Anyway, I was intrigued by all the patterns in their Fall collection so I was happy to comply to my stash and sew these up!

Looks like she is praying right? Ahah! But no, she is just holding a Smarties, remnant of her Halloween gain. Let me tell you, chocolate is a serious thing for that little girl!


Le thème de cette tourne est les vêtements tout aller et c’est avec plaisir que je me suis amusée à créer un look tout aller reflétant la personnalité pétillante de ma petite coquine. Aussi je dois vous avouer que j’ai cousu un peu trop de vêtements d’occasion pour Amélia ces derniers temps et qu’elle n’a presque rien à se mettre les jours de garderie. Oups. J’ai aussi laissé mon tissu choisir quel patron j’allais coudre. Je me suis efforcée récemment de ne pas acheter trop de tissus puisqu’en toute honnêteté, je n’ai vraiment plus de place pour le ranger. C’est pourquoi j’ai commencé à choisir mes tissus avant les patrons, je trouve que c’est une méthode idéale pour passer au travers (si c’est jamais possible) de ma réserve. Si je fais le contraire et que je choisi le patron avant le tissu, je me retrouve toujours avec un besoin que ce soit pour un bouton ou une doublure et à peine entrée dans le magasin, j’en ressorts, sans même m’en rendre compte, les bras chargés de paquets, assez pour remplir la voiture presque au complet ahah! Je crois que beaucoup se reconnaissent ici, non?

Quoiqu’il en soit, j’étais intriguée par tous les patrons de la collection pour une raison ou pour une autre et c’est avec plaisir que j’ai laissé mon tissu choisir pour moi.

On dirait qu’elle est en prière n’est-ce pas? Ahah! Mais non, elle est simplement en train de contempler une Smarties qu’elle s’apprête à manger. Je vous le dit, le chocolat, pour cette petite demoiselle, est une affaire tout à fait sérieuse!


The Fawn Leggins has 2 waist options (yoga and fold down) and you can make it toxedo pants or simple leggigns. After choosing the fabric for the top, I had no choice to add that pop of perfect matching strawberry color on the leggings. Yeah.. I am the kind of mom who puts duchess satin details on their kiddo everyday wear… But look how pretty this is!  It totally makes washing it by hand all worth it, don’t you think? I am dreaming now of using a gold pleather for the toxedo accent on her next pair, and guess what, it’s already in my stash! I love that you can use knit or woven for the toxedo stripe option, it gives you so much more possibilities and allows you to elevate a simple pair of leggigns into a very chic pair of pants.

Look who’s got photobombed!


Le Leggigns Fawn a deux options de bandes de taille (yoga ou repliée) et vous pouvez en faire un leggigns simple ou un pantalon avec accent toxedo. Après avoir choisi le tricot jersey pour le top, je n’ai eu d’autre choix que d’ajouter cette bande toxedo couleur framboise parfaitement agencé au rose du tricot. Oui, je suis cette maman qui ajouter des accents en satin duchesse sur les vêtements tout aller de son enfant… Mais regardez comme c’est joli! Ça vaut amplement l’effort supplémentaire que nécessitera la lessive à la main, ne croyez-vous pas? Je rêves maintenant d’une version avec un accent de faux cuir doré. Et devinez qui en a justement dans sa réserve? J’aime que l’on peut faire agencer tricots et tissés dans ce patron. Cela permet de faire un leggings tout simple mais oh combien pratique, ou bien un pantalon un peu plus habillé, sans perdre une miette de confort.


The top is the Sapphire Layering Top, a fitted t-shirt perfect for, you guess it, layering! It has lots of sleeve and ruffles options and even a cute elbow patch! It’s the kind of pattern that you do over and over because it is so basic every wardrobe needs a few. I made it in this gorgeous Hamburger Liebe cotton lycra jersey that I have been hoarding for over a year. I got it from Miss Maika Fabrics. I waited that long because the mandalas kind of reminds me of snowflakes in a way and to me this fabric always was a holiday fabric! Come back tomorow and I will show you another Holiday make with that dreamy jersey. I only have scraps left over now and I feel a little sad. But wait! There will always be new pretty fabric!


Pour ce qui est top Sapphire, un t-shirt ajusté parfait pour, vous l’avez deviner, porter en épaisseurs! Ce patron comprend de nombreuses options de manches et de volants et même une adorable patche aux coudes. C’est le genre de patron que nous faisons encore et encore parce que c’est le parfait item de base d’une garde-robe. Je l’ai fait dans ce magnifique jersey Hamburger Liebe de chez Miss Maika Fabrics que je gardais précieusement depuis plus d’un an. J’attendais le retour des fêtes avant de l’utiliser puisque les espèces de mandalas du motif m’ont toujours rappelé vaguement des flocons de neige et j’ai toujours imaginé ce tissu pour un look des fêtes. D’ailleurs revenez demain puisque je vous montre une seconde utilisation de ce merveilleux tissu avec une thématique des fêtes. Aujourd’hui, il ne me reste plus que des lambeaux de ce jersey de rêve et je suis un peu triste. Mais attendez! Il y aura toujours de nouveau beaux tissus n’est-ce pas?


Photographing the entire outfit was impossible that day. Little miss Amelia was in a playing mood and would not stop moving (well she did, for a second, the 4 times I gave her Smarties) and using my 50mm inside prevented me from moving back a few steps more.   Ah.. I miss the outside, but of course she is a little yougn to go outside undressed with the cold weather and snow….. But I am not, you just wait an see my post tomorow!


Photographier l’ensemble complet fut tout un sport, pour ne pas dire impossible! Petite mademoiselle Amélia étant d’humeur joyeuse, ne cessait de bouger (en fait elle s’est bien arrêtée 4 fois  1/4 de seconde pour manger les 4 Smarties que je lui ai donné). Les fois que j’avais devant les yeux une belle pose, utilisant mon 50mm, il m’était impossible de reculer d’avantage sans passer à travers le mur. Ahhh comme les photos extérieures me manquent déjà! Mais bon, Amélia est un peu jeune pour se geler les fesses à prendre des photos dans la neige. Moi je ne suis pas trop jeune par contre, attendez de voir ce qui s’en vient demain!


Now the fun part! Petite Stitchery & Co is having a 20% off sale on all patterns from from friday 11/25 to Monday 11/28 (2016). Enter the Giveway and visit the other stops on the tour for more everyday wear inspiration!
Thank you Petite Stitchery & Co for having me on the tour!

Thank’s for reading!


Et maintenant, la partie amusante! Petite Stitchery & Co offre tous ses patrons en solde à partir de vendredi 11/25 jusqu’à lundi 11/28 (2016). N’oubliez pas de participer au concours Rafflecopter et de visiter les autres participantes de la tournée pour encore plus d’inspiration tout aller.

Merci à Petite Stitchery & Co de m’avoir invité à participer à cette tournée!

Merci de m’avoir lu!

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Laela Jeyne – Boots and Plaid Tour- Christmas Lights and Tree fun


Hi everyone! Today I am very excited to welcome you on my stop of the Plaid and Boots blog tour with Laela Jeyne Patterns! The idea behind the tour is to show how versatile her patterns are and how they can be styled in very different ways for every occasions. The tour already covered Date Night, Thanksgiving, Black Friday Shopping and Game Night/Bonfire but today’s theme is my absolute favorite theme: Christmas Lights and Tree fun!

* Make sure to enter the giveaway at the end we have awesome prices from our sponsors for 3 lucky winners! Visit Marisa introduction post for the details about the prize packs.

*  Because there is a very good chance that you will want all Laela Jeyne Patterns, after reading the different posts of the tour, here’s a 20% off using code P&BTOUR20 to use during the tour. Visit Laela Jeyne Patterns Shop to discover all the patterns.


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love everything about it: the dressing up, the music, making/buying presents, setting up the tree, the outdoor decorations, the family reunions. Therefore you will understand why choosing my theme was easy!

Laela Jeyne has lots of patterns that can be used to create Holidays looks, but today it’s all about the preparation. I wanted to create a comfortable seasonal outfit that I could wear to set up the outside Christmas decorations (or help setting up, because there is no way I will ever climb on the roof). The all new Willa Vest and Sydney Slouchy Raglan to the rescue! We were blessed with a very warm November so far and my outfit was perfectly adapted to the weather. Plus, I flelt put together enough to go out and about. I am already imagining wearing it with a fitted bordeaux jersey dress and tights. In my book, that’s a win!

If I am a Christmas fan, I am definitely not a winter fan. Ahah! I would skip winter anytime. Actually, I do like winter, from a cozy chalet in front of a fire with a nice glass of red wine. But that’s another story. Weirdly, I do love winter sewing. I love to sew outwear, I love wool, cozy flannel and plaids so, so much! Yep, sewing kind of reconcile me with winter a bit and I have been wanting to sew a quilted vest for a while. I tought I would do it for the kids but, when I saw that the Willa Outdoor vest was available in ladies sizes as well as childs’, I knew I needed to make one for ME.

You will have to excuse the photos, I am not skilled in self portrait yet. I ordered a remote to help but will receive it only next week. You should have seen me focussing on my mannequin pressing the button and running to take the place of the mannequin. Well, let’s just call the photos where I am almost out of the picture artistic.


I was at the end of my size range, so I decided to upsize. I wanted to make sure that I would have enough ease for a quilted fabric and even to wear it with a heavy sweater. It’s perfect with a light shirt like my Syndey or warm sweater underneath and this way I can wear it longer.Where I live in Quebec, the winters gets really cold very fast. Of course you can do your regular size and have a more fitted look like Allie’s. Her version is awesome, by the way, go check it out!

Quilting the fabric was suprisingly easier than I thought! The worst part was to make sure it would be simitrical on the front (and boyfriend came to the rescue here with his measuring/technical skills). I started by tracing the seam allowance on the pieces and from there, I traced a grid pattern using 2 1/4 inches squares. Because it has a princess seam front, I couldn’t match the front completely, but considering this, I think I did a very good job! I did use a walking foot and basted the fabric to my batting with a fabric temporary adhesive (505).


Sewing this vest felt like it was all written in the stars. No, really, I chose the fabric at a local shop, it’s an almond nylon which was exactly what I needed and it was in the discount section. Then I came home and I found the perfect shade of heavy weight coat lining left over from my Amsterdam Coat and the perfect shade of Kona cotton to do my binding. Of course on top of things, I also had the perfect shade of off-white faux fur in my stash. The fur was an addition by me, the pattern doesn’t include it but the hack is pretty simple.  Usually, the hood edge is binded and the base of the hood is sewn right side to right side.  I did the contrary so I could insert the fur: I sew the hood edge right side to right side and binded the base with a bias strip. Easy peasy.

I love it with the hood too! The fur adds this little girlyness/cozyness that I like.


While my zip is inserted beautifully and all is lined up very well on both sides, this is not my dream zipper! Yes it’s the perfect shade, but I feel it looks a little sad. I would have loved to find a not too shinny brass gold zipper with an almond tape and a pretty zipper pull, but I would have had to order online and would never have received it on time.


Unfortunately, I have to admit that I sewed the worst welt pockets of my sewing carrier. I did many welt pockets in the past and I always did them perfectly. I even shared a tutorial over the summer on the blog just to tell you how comfortable I am with welt pockets. This time, I will blame it on late night sewing. Note to self: when you are too tired to tell the left from the right, STOP sewing please. And the result of my tiredness is welt pockets inserted the wrong way and while I tried to correct this by tacking the pocket bag towards the front where it should be, the corners are unfortunately pulling from it. Also, I should have listen to the little voice in my head telling me to interface the welt facing but no, somehow I thought my light weight corduroy had enough structure to keep the shape of the pocket well. WRONG. My only option to clear up this mess was to stitch the pocket closed. I am sad that I can’t use the pockets this way, but at least they look clean and pretty from the outside. Oh well, I guess this means that I’ll have to sew another one sometime soon! Right?

The shirt you are seeing me with is the Syndney Slouchy Raglan. I did the slim sleeve, v-neck and round swing hem. It’s super slylish with leggins or a skinny jeans but you will have to forgive me the absence of photo of the raglan alone, it was quite cold outside. Brrrrr. I used a fabric outside of my regular color palette. I usually go for bolder/darker colors but I was in the mood for a soft and casual winter wonderland look and tried to pull it off. Thoughts? The blue polka dots fabric (Chads Retreat from their new in-house collection, september 2016) was graciously provided to me by Art Gallery Fabrics, our sponsor on the tour. It’s always exciting to personnaly receice mail labeled coming from Walter Bravo. Ahah! Yep! Definitely a fan of Art Gallery Fabrics here… This is a cotton lycra jersey and it has the perfect weight and drape to make the Sydney. If you are looking for a quick easy project this is a good place to start!

Selfish sewing makes me feel so good! How about you?

Please please please! Visit the other bloggers on the tour, they have amazing things to share with you. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter. Our sponsors are offering 3 prizes. See all the details below.


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A huge thank you to Laela Jeyne for having me on board for this tour and to all our sponsors.

Thank’s for reading 😉