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Hi! Welcome to my first Blaverry blog tour, Cruise around and be a Star!   You guessed it, I am talking about the all new , updated and re tested Cruise- Chinos and Star top.

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One of the things that I love the most about sewing, besides the creativity, building up a skill and of course the sewing itself, is that I get to meet with people that I share a passion with. And you will all agree that sewing pals are the best. Am I right? They understand the sleepless night thinking about alternative construction, the fabric hoarding (it’s not really hoarding… it’s just my house that keeps getting smaller!). They understand that time you forgot you had guest and started to dig into your stash in the basement, with this brilliant new idea, coming back upstairs your hands full of fabrics and notions, when you were, in fact, supposed to get that extra bottle of wine for your family party.  To all my sewing friends, I say, thank you.

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Well, the project that I am sharing today is the result of one of these great friendships. I paired with my very talented friend, Johanne-Julie from Annlie Design, and we created these little matching outfits for our daughters. Very talented indeed, that I learn some new trick almost every time we talk.

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That pretty girl you see here wearing the tour slogan on her shirt, is her daughter and my Amélia was very happy to get a friend when we took the photos. I have to say, when I photograph my kid, I just let her play and run after her (hoping not to trip… yeah… I am that clumsy). So the games and smiles you see are always jenuine.

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 Cruise is a chinos style pants pattern with 5 lengths options. 5!!!! I know!! I sewed the shortest length, the shorties while Johanne Julie sewed the pants length. I know that I will sewed it again, because I really want to try the different length options. There is also a shorts, bermuda and capri option.

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This pattern is really one of my favorite so far (don’t I say that every single time?).  You want to know why? The instructions are up to the point and really well written. Enough that, when I first sewed this pattern, back when summer started, I was sewing a fly front and welt pockets for the first time. And they turned out so great, I can’t even believe it myself. Didn’t you know that I am a learning addict?

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Johanne-Julie and I both used fabrics coming from L’Oiseau Fabrics, a Canadian Online store that carries the best quality of European fabrics, (see my review here).  OMG they have gorgeous fabrics right now, I can’t look, I am on a fabric diet. Anyway, We both used this stretchy floral denim available in blue and pink. That fabric is truly a dream to sew with and I am quite happy about how it washes.

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The Star top also offers many possibilities. It’s a boatneck top with 3 length options: short, half and long sleeve. The fit is great, it’s very comfortable to play in, it looks classic but still looks very cool.

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Again, we both used a cotton lycra jersey from L’Oiseau fabrics to complete the outfit. It’s the perfect coral shade to match with the flowers of both demins. (Believe me it’s coral, I know on some photos the shirts are on the pink side. I am working on it!).

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When you sew, there is a part where you have all these pieces of fabric that look like nothing. And then, slowly, one step at a time, you put them all together and they transform in from of your eyes into a beautiful garment.  I love that. I love to sew garments that needs you to focus a bit to get it just right.

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Cruise and Star Promo Elegantine

Oh yeah, I couldn’t sew just one, you know me! Here’s some photos of a second set that I made for my daughter, it’s still featuring the Cruise shorties and long sleeve Star top by Blaverry. I used a stretch coral twill from my stash and a luscious viscose ponti di roma from Tania Fabrics in Quebec City. Love, Love Love this match! Talking about matching, I need to brag about my new stripes matching skills. Ok, not new, I already knew how to match the sides but the sleeves were never matching that much! I used a technique that I learned from the article, How to Match Plaids, Stripes and Large Patterns by Pipper Spring in Seamwork Mag. Suscribe to Seamwork HERE . It’s kind of awesome. It’s a monthly online pattern magazine that brings you 2 ladies or men (most often ladies) patterns every month along with very rich articles, tutorials and interview for only 6$. You can always access the articles for free, but I love the thought of supporting a small business that I admire.

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