Boy Sewing! The Archie Shirt from One Thimble 6

March 22nd, 2017|Art Gallery Fabrics, One Thimble, Sewing for boys|1 Comment

Hi there! I promissed you some boy sewing in my last post, well here’s Thomas’ new shirt! I made it so he would have something nice to wear for his birthday next month. Chances are, we will celebrate Easter, Thomas’ birthday and the birthday of the man of the house all at the same time, so he did deserve something special, didn’t he? I dig out this unisex pattern, the Archie shirt from One Thimble […]

Easy Ballet Wrap Skirt Tutorial on Make It and Love It

March 20th, 2017|Make It and Love It, Tutorials|0 Comments

Hello Everyone! Welcome back on Élégantine! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I sure did. After a crazy week, we had a very peaceful weekend, with lots of family time and lots of sewing for me! Yay! I swear I am going to show you some of it in 2 days! For now, all I can say, is that it will be all about boys!  Today, I just wanted to pop in […]

Petitboo and I

March 9th, 2017|Blog Tour, Boy sewing, Dresses|7 Comments

Hi everyone! Today it’s my turn on the Petitboo blog tour and I have something very special to share. Yep! Special because I reviseted a pattern from one of the first independant pattern companies that I tried. You will get to see photos from a long, long, long time ago! And of course, like with every good blog tour, you will want to read until the end because you might find infos about a […]

Mummykins and Me Maddison Blouse

February 27th, 2017|Mummykins and Me, Selfish Sewing|4 Comments

Happy monday makers!  Today, I am just saying a really quick hello to show you what I have been working on this past few days. You might have noticed that I took a little vacation from blogging and also from sewing over the past few weeks, read all about my reasons here. Because I was feeling a bit out of the loop, I needed to undertake a substancial project with a higher difficulty level. […]

Delicious Watermelon Pillow and exciting news!

February 20th, 2017|Club Tissus, Homedecor, Make It and Love It|2 Comments

Hello lovely readers!  I have missed you!

As you may well have gathered I have not been too successful at updating my blog in the past month! I even missed my 1 year blog anniversary last week, oops (find my very first blog post here)! Don’t you worry too much about me, I did pour myself a nice glass of wine to celebrate and next year, we will celebrate together on the blog.  This is […]

Father and son quilted vests

January 9th, 2017|Menswear, Pattern hack, Seamwork, Sewing for boys|1 Comment

I have a confession to make.
I love sewing menswear but I don’t do it often enough. It’s not because I am not skilled enough or can’t take on the challenge (ok I might not be skilled enough for a tailored suit.. yet). It’s not because I don’t find appropriate fabrics, because I do… all the time. Then why, you will ask? It’s so silly… I can’t measure my boyfriend accurately. No really, I know […]

You can now follow Élégantine! with Bloglovin

January 8th, 2017|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to claim my blog on Bloglovin! Remember that you can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

Be back soon! xxx

Ladies Paris Party dress, oh so pretty and free!

December 8th, 2016|Mummykins and Me, Selfish Sewing, Sewing for Girls|2 Comments

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing as well as I am in your little corner of the world. My favorite time of the year has officially started and it has started beautifully! Yay! I can finally enjoy Christmas music and preparation without looking crazy. I also love the first snow so much. It is so pretty, not too cold, not too heavy, not too slushy. It’s just magical. Because of all this, I am […]

A princess and a queen in tulle!

November 25th, 2016|holiday, Little Lizard King, Selfish Sewing|0 Comments

Hey everyone! I know I am a little early and it’s still Thanksgiving weekend but I wanted to share with you my Holiday makes. I am usually very last minute when it comes to Holiday sewing. When I say last minute, it’s beading Amélia’s Christmas Eve dress pass midnight on a december 23. So when I had the opportunity to test the new Holiday patterns from the Dream Sparkle Shine Collection from Little Lizard […]

Everyday Wear with Petit Stitchery & Co

November 24th, 2016|Blog Tour, Miss Maika Fabric|7 Comments

Good morning everyone and Happy Thanskgiving and for those not celebrating Thanksgiving, Happy Blackfriday weekend!
I am Valerie and I am please to welcome you from my little corner of Quebec on my stop for the Petite Stitchery &Co blog tour. Petite Stitchery is the newest pattern company created by a few very talented ladies. They will be offering patterns in collections a few times a year and what is great about that is how they all match very […]