Canada Cups 2017 A very Elegant Anouk

Oh hi again! And welcome back on my blog for my second post for Canada Cups 2017 – Coming Unwired!

It’s been a while since I wrote on my own blog… It ‘s been….months! There was actually snow on the ground (insert horrified emoji) when I last shared a project in here…. Remember when, back in Febuary, I told you about my new and exciting adventure at Club Tissus? Well, that chapter of my life […]

Canada Cups 2017 – Un Anouk tout en élégance

Rebonjour! Et bienvenu cette fois sur mon blogue personnelle pour ma deuxième participation à Canada Cups 2017 – Coming Unwired!

Ça fait un long moment que je n’ai pas écrit sur mon blogue… des mois! Il y avait de la neige au sol (ouff… insérez, ici, un émoji horrifié!). Vous vous souvenez qu’en février dernier je vous ai parlé de ma nouvelle aventure chez Club Tissus? Et bien, ce chapitre de ma vie est devenu, […]

Boro and Sashiko Jeans mending on Make it and Love It

Hi there, I hope you all enjoyed a nice Easter week-end with lots of family time and chocolate! Things got so busy on my side, with Easter and my son’s second birthday, I almost forgot to publish this post! Oops! Better later than never… I am gonna make this quick and invite you all to head over to the Make it and Love it Blog to read my monthy tutorial: Jeans Mending for Cool […]

Willow Dress Hack and Jolie Skirt from OT10

Hi everyone! Today I have some quick makes to share with you! In 2 weeks we will celebrate my son’s second birthday and, of course, my daughter needed something new to wear of her own. After 2 more complicated sew for my boy over the last few weeks (see my post on the Archie Shirt and on the Kingston Jacket), I needed/wanted something quick and simple but that would still have those little unique details […]

A Classic Distressed Denim Jacket

Hi there!!! While our Quebec winter seams like it will never end, I have been busy planning (and sewing!) my spring sewing projects. You guys! I planned this projetc MONTHS ago! Last Fall, when Rebecca from Mummykins and Me told me that she would be drafting a classic denim jacket, I got all excited and rushed to the store. I bought this light wash denim with the intention of making, one day, A Classic […]

Boy Sewing! The Archie Shirt from One Thimble 6

Hi there! I promissed you some boy sewing in my last post, well here’s Thomas’ new shirt! I made it so he would have something nice to wear for his birthday next month. Chances are, we will celebrate Easter, Thomas’ birthday and the birthday of the man of the house all at the same time, so he did deserve something special, didn’t he? I dig out this unisex pattern, the Archie shirt from One Thimble […]

Easy Ballet Wrap Skirt Tutorial on Make It and Love It

Hello Everyone! Welcome back on Élégantine! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I sure did. After a crazy week, we had a very peaceful weekend, with lots of family time and lots of sewing for me! Yay! I swear I am going to show you some of it in 2 days! For now, all I can say, is that it will be all about boys!  Today, I just wanted to pop in […]

Petitboo and I

Hi everyone! Today it’s my turn on the Petitboo blog tour and I have something very special to share. Yep! Special because I reviseted a pattern from one of the first independant pattern companies that I tried. You will get to see photos from a long, long, long time ago! And of course, like with every good blog tour, you will want to read until the end because you might find infos about a […]

Mummykins and Me Maddison Blouse

Happy monday makers!  Today, I am just saying a really quick hello to show you what I have been working on this past few days. You might have noticed that I took a little vacation from blogging and also from sewing over the past few weeks, read all about my reasons here. Because I was feeling a bit out of the loop, I needed to undertake a substancial project with a higher difficulty level. […]

Delicious Watermelon Pillow and exciting news!

Hello lovely readers!  I have missed you!

As you may well have gathered I have not been too successful at updating my blog in the past month! I even missed my 1 year blog anniversary last week, oops (find my very first blog post here)! Don’t you worry too much about me, I did pour myself a nice glass of wine to celebrate and next year, we will celebrate together on the blog.  This is […]

Father and son quilted vests

I have a confession to make.
I love sewing menswear but I don’t do it often enough. It’s not because I am not skilled enough or can’t take on the challenge (ok I might not be skilled enough for a tailored suit.. yet). It’s not because I don’t find appropriate fabrics, because I do… all the time. Then why, you will ask? It’s so silly… I can’t measure my boyfriend accurately. No really, I know […]

You can now follow Élégantine! with Bloglovin

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hey everyone! This is just a quick post to claim my blog on Bloglovin! Remember that you can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook!

Be back soon! xxx

Ladies Paris Party dress, oh so pretty and free!

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing as well as I am in your little corner of the world. My favorite time of the year has officially started and it has started beautifully! Yay! I can finally enjoy Christmas music and preparation without looking crazy. I also love the first snow so much. It is so pretty, not too cold, not too heavy, not too slushy. It’s just magical. Because of all this, I am […]

A princess and a queen in tulle!

Hey everyone! I know I am a little early and it’s still Thanksgiving weekend but I wanted to share with you my Holiday makes. I am usually very last minute when it comes to Holiday sewing. When I say last minute, it’s beading Amélia’s Christmas Eve dress pass midnight on a december 23. So when I had the opportunity to test the new Holiday patterns from the Dream Sparkle Shine Collection from Little Lizard […]

Everyday Wear with Petit Stitchery & Co

Good morning everyone and Happy Thanskgiving and for those not celebrating Thanksgiving, Happy Blackfriday weekend!
I am Valerie and I am please to welcome you from my little corner of Quebec on my stop for the Petite Stitchery &Co blog tour. Petite Stitchery is the newest pattern company created by a few very talented ladies. They will be offering patterns in collections a few times a year and what is great about that is how they all match very […]

Laela Jeyne – Boots and Plaid Tour- Christmas Lights and Tree fun

Hi everyone! Today I am very excited to welcome you on my stop of the Plaid and Boots blog tour with Laela Jeyne Patterns! The idea behind the tour is to show how versatile her patterns are and how they can be styled in very different ways for every occasions. The tour already covered Date Night, Thanksgiving, Black Friday Shopping and Game Night/Bonfire but today’s theme is my absolute favorite theme: Christmas Lights and […]

Comfy Cowl Hoodie: Capuchon, bandes et finition

Bonjour tout le monde! Aujourd’hui, c’est le dernière jour de couture de la Cousette-Jasette du Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and Me! Nous allons coudre le capuchon, les bandes de taille et de poignets et parler de touches de finition! Vous aurez ensuite jusqu’au 30 octobre pour compléter votre hoodie et présenter une photo sur Facebook ou Instagram (ou les deux!) avec le #comfycowlhoodiesal. Apprenez tout ce qu’il y a à savoir sur notre […]

Comfy Cowl Hoodie: Épaules, côtés et bras deux façons

Bonjour tout le monde! Aujourd’hui nous poursuivons la couture du Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and me avec les épaules, les côtés et les bras. Je vous montrerai aussi une méthode alternative pour poser les bras.
Veuillez prendre note que j’ai utilisé la surjeteuse pour assembler mon hoodie, mais vous pouvez sans problème utiliser une machine à coudre domestique régulière. C’est d’ailleurs ce que j’ai utilisé pour faire les photos dans le tutoriel du patron.
Optionnel […]

Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie: Poche optionnelle

Bonjour! Bienvenu au jour 4 de la Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and Me. Maintenant que les préparations sont terminées, c’est enfin le temps de commencer à coudre! Si vous entendez parler de la cousette aujourd’hui pour la première fois, il est encore temps de vous joindre à nous. Lisez le billet d’introduction pour connaître tous les détails concernant le fonctionnement, nos commanditaires et notre concours.
*  Note: J’utiliserai un Comfy Cowl Hoodie pour enfant en exemple […]

Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie: Tricots 101 et mes suggestions tissus

Bienvenu au jour 3 de la Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and Me! Aujourd’hui je vous partage mes trucs pour coudre avec des tricots. Si vous avez une grande habitude des tricots et que vous les cousez les yeux fermés, descendez plus bas pour découvrir mes suggestions de toute sorte de tissus chez nos commanditaires. Si la couture de tricots est nouvelle pour vous, allez-vous chercher un café ou un thé et installez-vous […]

Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie, Tissus, tailles et altérations

Bon jeudi et bienvenu à la Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and Me commanditée par Frollein S Fabrics et Raspberry Creek Fabrics! Aujourd’hui, nous allons parler tissus et comment choisir la taille parfaite! Si vous avez manqué le Jour 1 avec tous les détails de la Cousette-Jasette et des prix à gagner cliquez ICI.

Quel tissus choisir
Une des choses intéressantes à propos du Comfy Cowl Hoodie, c’est combien il est versatile côté tissus! Vous […]

Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie, Mummykins and Me

Bonjour à toutes et bienvenue sur Élégantine!  Je suis Valérie, blogueuse bilingue du Canada, et je vous guiderai, en français, tout au long de la Cousette-Jasette Comfy Cowl Hoodie de Mummykins and Me!   Si vous souhaitez nous suivre en anglais, rendez-vous sur le blogue Mummykins and Me by Rebecca Page, où j’animerai simultanément le sew-along anglophone.
Hello everyone and welcome! I am Valerie, blogger at Élégantine. Over the next 2 weeks, I will guide you […]

Canada Cups Giveaway winners and discounts

Hi there! I am just writing a very quick post today to announce giveaway winners from the Canada Cups Cross your Heart Relay tour! I also have a little consolation price for you if you are not one of the lucky winners! Our sponsors are offering you discounts into their shop! Yay! And a huge thank you to them. 
First here’s our lucky winners! 
Bonjour! Aujourd’hui je vous écris un billet tout rapide pour vous dévoiler les […]

Too cute to be true: Blaverry Upton

Hello everyone! I am back with a little girl sewing, something very quick and cute! It’s the updated and retested Upton by Blaverry.
Available in sizes 2t to 16 (shown here size 2t unaltered), Upton is a cute and modern above the knee knit dress with 3 sleeve options.
Bonjour! Un petit retour au thème petite fille aujourd’hui! Une couture rapide, facile, mais combien adorable! Voici Upton de Blaverry, fraîchement mis à jour et re-testé. […]

Canada Cups Giveaway time!

WHOOHOOOOO!!!!! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

WHOOHOOOOO!!!!! J’espère que ce qui suivra vous emballera autant que moi! 


Today is the day to enter the giveaways.  Entry closes Tuesday september 19 2016 at noon.  Winners will be announced Tuesday afternoon, there will be some consolation prizes as well if you don’t win, so be sure to check back either way.
C’est enfin le moment de dévoiler le concours Canada Cups 2016! Les entrées sont acceptées jusqu’à […]

Canada Cups Tour – Interview with Caroline from Blackbird Fabrics

Hi lingerie and bra makers! If you are not, I assume you are bow itching to start after following the tour for almost a week. Today is my last post for the Capada Cups Cross your Heart Relay Tour. I will come back in a few days with a follow up and a little surprise for you guys! It may be my last post for this tour, but it’s certainly not my last lingerie/bra making […]

Canada Cups 2016 – Casual lingerie with Miss Maïka Fabrics


Welcome back to the Canada Cups, Cross your Heart Relay Tour 2016 sponsored by Craftsy! After presenting a more classic type of lingerie yesterday while reviewving Craftsy class Sewing Lingerie, Essential Techniques with Alison Smith (affiliate link), today, I am going show you  a complete different type of lingerie.
Disclosure: I received today’s fabric for free in exchange for review and for the purpose of this tour, but as always, all opinions are my own.
Clic on the […]

Canada Cups – En français!

To see this post in english click HERE
Bonjour chère lectrices! Aujourd’hui pour la toute première fois, je dédouble! Je n’ai pas encore appris comment avoir un site bilingue donc j’écris simplement un deuxième billet. Mon sujet du jour était trop lourd pour être écrit dans les deux langues dans un même post donc je me suis permise ce petit écart pour rendre la vie plus facile à tout le monde!
Je vous souhaite donc la […]

Canada Cups tour – Craftsy Class Review Sewing Lingerie

Pour voir ce billet en français cliquez ICI 
Welcome! I am Valerie from Quebec and I am representing the right cup/right wing today! It’s my turn on the Canada Cups – Cross your heart relay tour hosted by Marsha from Flying by the Seam of my Pants and Michelle of Michelle’s Creations. The tour is sponsored by Craftsy and we are very lucky to have a celebrity with us! Yes, you heard me, Beverly Johnson, also known as […]

September is for Selfish Sewing

*Giveaway CLOSED, Winners will be announced shortly* Concours TERMINÉ, les gagnantes seront annoncées sous peu*
Hello everyone! You probably guesed by my post title, that I decided to offer myself a little treat for september. Today is actually a teaser post! I have been working on a super secret project and all will be revealed soon. You might already know what it is about if you are following me on Instagram and Facebook and if […]

An Urban Chic Maddox by Blaverry

I swear I saw the theme of this new Blaverry Blog tour before I sewed and styled my niece’s Maddox. But that’s just what Maddox inspires me: Maddox is smart, stylish, classic, urban and chic. You must know by now that fashion is really important to me and I am never let down by Blaverry.
If you missed the other Blaverry tours here’s my links!
Back to School with Blaverry patterns
Cruise Around and be a Star 
And […]

Back to School Tour with Blaverry Patterns

Hello everyone! I am in a very funny situation today! I am participating in not 1 but 2 blog tours! You might want to read until the end, because there is a giveaway and lots of discount from your favorite designers!
So, without further ado, welcome to the Back to School Blog Tour hosted by the lovely Deb and Ula of Sprouting Jube Jube and Lulu & Celeste AND welcome to the Thea by Blaverry […]

Cruise Around And Be A Star with Blaverry

Hi! Welcome to my first Blaverry blog tour, Cruise around and be a Star!   You guessed it, I am talking about the all new , updated and re tested Cruise- Chinos and Star top.
*Disclamer:  this post contains affiliate links for products that I recommend, which means that I may get a very small commission if you decide to purchase anything through my links. I also received these patterns for free as part of the promotions team, but all opinions, […]

Little Lizard King Winnie Pinnie Tour / High low Circle Skirt tutorial

Hi there from french Canada and welcome on my blog! It’s finally my turn on the LLK Winnie Pinnie Blog Tour and I have something very exciting to share today! When I signed up for the tour I decided that I would make Winnie Pinnie that extra special dress my daughter would wear for her 3dr birthday!  Winnie Pinnie’s design is just so precious! It’s very classic, but with a modern twist! The original pattern includes […]

Yves by Blaverry

I am happy to share my latest Blaverry makes! Meet the newly updated Yves a reversible top tunic or dress and the Ellis leggings. Like everytime I sewed with Blaverry patterns the result is to die for (see my version of Quinly and Pea and Ollie and Nina)!  Yves is actually the first Blaverry pattern I ever bought. I have had it for a few months but Amelia was too small for the pattern smaller size (size2), And now that she […]

Miss Maika Fabrics New Online Store


*EDIT This Miss Maika Fabrics online store is now closed.
Hello world! Today, I would like to talk to you about one of my favorite Online Fabric Store, Miss Maika Fabrics (previously Miss Maika Fabrics and More).  I first discovered Miss Maika Fabrics about a year ago when it was only a canadian Facebook fabric group and the lovely owner Mireille and I soon became good friends in real life based on our commun love for […]

Marc Shirt Asymmetrical Collar Tutorial

Hi! I am back with a new tutorial for boys about one of my favorite pattern designer, Filles à Maman! Like you may know FAM is even more special to me since it’s a local  designer and it’s one of the few to offer bilingual patterns. So any time I am talking about FAM I know I can reach all of you awesome readers!
Now lets move on to the topic of the day! How to […]

Élégantine! on One Thimble Blog!

Hey ladies!
I am sharing something very exiting today! I am guess posting on One Thimble Blog! Wouhou! I was so flattered when Jen asked me if I would shared a tutorial about my Cheetah pocket hack on the Hoya Dress from Issue 11.  I really love to share my tips and tricks with you all and I hope you’ll enjoy this new tutorial and use it to create some unique garments with fun pockets! […]

Welt and zipper Pocket Tutorial and a Giveaway !

Hello! Welcome back to the Clean Slate month long feature! Today we are going to talk pockets and I am finally sharing the link to the giveaway to win a gift certificate from L’Oiseau Fabrics, our sponsor for this event! The giveaway will be open for 5 days, real until the end if you want to participate! Remember that today is your last chance to get 20% off your fabric order from our other […]

Pea and Quinly from Blaverry and a Special Discount!

I am sharing another Blaverry make today! Meet the NEW and IMPROVED Pea skirt and Quinly top (Clic here if you missed my last Blaverry post)! And guess what!  I have an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE for my readers on all Blaverry patterns so read until the end for all the details. 
I have a huge crush for Pea and Quinly! I just love the sporty/girly look of this outfit. They are so simple to make! I believe it’s the perfect beginner project.

Je […]

Pool Side Beach Party/ Elisa Halter Top Bikini Hack

Hello! Welcome to Élégantine! This is DAY 2 of the Pool Side Beach Party Blog Tour! This party tour hosted by Lulu & Celeste, Sprouting JubeJube Productions, regroup 27 bloggers and you will see everything related to pool and beach parties from beachwear to cover-ups and accessories. Read until the end to find out about special discount offers and a different giveaway for every day of the tour!
Bonjour! Bienvenu dans mon blogue Élégantine! Nous sommes au JOUR 2 de la […]

Clean Slate: Faux fly and Simple Belt Tutorial

Happy monday folks! We are a little late on the program and I apologize! I had some computer problems over the last week and files kept disapearing mysteriously so I had to do twice the work 3 times just in the last 7 days! Hopefully my PC will stop giving me attitude soon! We are still into our month long Clean Slate Pants Pattern Feature and today I am FINALLY sharing with you a girly version! […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate/ Fly tutorial

Hi there! Welcome back to this Clean Slate pattern Feature sponsored by L’Oiseau Fabrics and Peak Fabrics!
Today, we are jumping into the real stuff and we will sew a front fly together! As a bonus, we will also cover how to attach the waistband for both options. It doesn’t matter if you are sewing the shorts, capris or pants, this tutorial is for you! The pattern is well illustrated and explained as is in the PDF […]

Blaverry Ollie Top and Nina Skirt

Hello lovelies!  Last week, between some boy shorts sewing, I decided to indulge myself a little in a fun and quick sewing project for my girl! I have been eyeing Blaverry sewing patterns for a while patiently waiting for my girl move to a size 2T. And this bless day has arrived! Yay! So of course now the next thing I’ll have to do is sew all the patterns!
Bonjour! La semaine dernière, j’ai pris […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate Pants/ Inspiration

Hi there! Welcome back to Clean Slate Month! Today as we are closing on Week 1, it will be all about inspiration! Maybe you picked and cut your fabric already, but it’s never too late to pimp up a project with little design details! Sometimes I have a clear idea where I am going from the start, sometimes I just go with the flow and my project evolves while I sew. If you are […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate Pants / Pick Up a Size and Basic Alterations

Hi there! Welcome back to the Clean Slate Pants Feature sponsores by Peak Fabrics and L’Oiseau Fabrics! Today we are going to discuss how to pick up a size and do basic modifications. I intended to write about inspiration too but realised that I had too much to say about the first 2 and I didn’t want the post to be too heavy! I’ll come back tomorow with a quick post about boys and girls inspiration. If […]

Make Laundry, Don’t Do Laundry Blog Tour

Today, I am going out of my monthly program (Clean Slate Pattern Feature), it’s my turn on the Make Laundry, Don’t do Laudry Blog Tour! You will want to read through the end because there’s a link up contest, coupon codes and an awesome giveaway! When Cassendra from Pear Berry Lane first came up with the idea, I was highly amused! (Thank’s for having me on board by the way!) I had recently lost my […]

Pattern Feature: Clean Slate Pants – Lets Gather Fabric and Supplies

Happy sunday! welcome to day 1 of our first month long feature sponsored by L’Oiseau Fabrics! Today, we will do a little prep work. I want to talk in depth about fabric choices for the Clean Slate Pants/Capris/Shorts. In case you are just joining us, here’s a little recapt of our schedule. Also, take a minute to read the how it works post! Because, when I talk fabric, I always talk too much (ahah I […]

June Pattern Feature Announcement: Clean Slate Pants

Hello and Welcome!
Today I am very excited to announce my first month long pattern feature sponsored by L’Oiseau Fabrics* and Peak Fabrics around the Clean Slate Pants from Blank Slate Patterns! Read until the end to find out all about it! Above you can see here my first version of the Clean Slate Pants (shorts version). I used a stretch twill and added cuffs (see my free tutorial here) and biais around the pocket opening. I will discuss more […]

Élégantine! Behind the Scene/ En Coulisses

I know I have been a little quiet for the past month or so. But do not fear, I did not forget you! On the contrairy, I have been a busy bee and June will be very rich in content. I promess you, I have been hard at work and some awesome stuff is coming soon on the blog. I will bring you lots of new projets, free tutorials, an interview and collaborations. I […]

Cheetah pockets hack! The Hoya Dress – One Thimble 11


Yep! I did it again! I was a tester for a dress pattern in One Thimble Issue 11! You should know by now that I test quite a lot. I wish I could show on the blog every garment that I sew while testing (and it was my intention when I started this blog) but unfortunately there are not enough hours in a day! If you are curious about these, join me on Instagram […]

Clémence shorts for boys tutorial!/Tutoriel

Today I am sharing my very first tutorial on te blog! Lets hope you will enjoy it and that there will be a lot more! I will show you how to hack the Clemence from les Filles à Maman, a girl shorts pattern into shorts for boys with cuffs.
Je suis très heureuse de vous présenter aujourd’hui mon tout premier tutoriel! J’espère que vous l’apprécierez et que j’aurai l’occasion d’en faire encore plusieurs. Mon tutoriel démontrera comment transformer les […]

An Adventure into Bag Making/ Et si je cousais un sac?

Some days my first thought when I wake up in the morning (after my cute kids of course!) is: today, I will try myself at something new! Most times, life distracts me and I find myself with a list of things or chores too long to even imagine a new project. But on other days, when everything seams to fall into place, I feel like my fairy godmother is looking after me. I have been wanting to […]

Urban Custom Fabric, A Review/ Compte-rendu

I recently discovered the Facebook world of custom fabrics and, in Canada, we are lucky to have a few of these great groups where we can find original, quality and affordable limited edition fabrics! Urban Custom Fabric, sister company to Urban Bums Boutique (in business since 2011), is curently preparing for it’s third round. Up until now, they have always offered very interesting and tastefull prints.
J’ai récemment découvert le monde des tissus customs sur Facebook […]

Blog Tour: Jennuine Design Naples Dress with Art Gallery Fabrics

This is a very special post for me this week! I am very excited to participate into my very first blog tour! Yay! I would like to thank Jenn of Jennuine Designs who graciously invited me to participate in her blog tour.  She partnered up with Art Gallery Fabrics and put together some very awesome bloggers presenting you her newest pattern the Naples Dress! Believe me, you might want to read until the end […]

LLK ”March Mashup” My Reveal! / Ma participation au ”March Mashup” de LLK

I am so proud to show you the result of my ”March Mashup” for Little Lizard King’s competition!
At the very begining of March, Little Lizard King invited us all to take on a big challenge. We were to combine 2 or more LLK patterns to create a completely new and unique garment (clic here for more details about the competition). Of course I didn’t have a choice but to participate! To create this little gem of a […]

Challenge: “March Mashup” madness with LLK!

Little Lizard King is inviting us all to take on a big challenge for March Madness and of course I am IN!  Let’s introduce “March Mashup!”  The LLK Facebook group is hosting a month long “Mashup” challenge! A mash, is when you combine different elements from two or more patterns, this time from LLK, to create a completely new and unique garment. There are four categories for us to enter (we can enter into more than one categories if […]

The Harbor Dress and Thoughts on Inspiration

I don’t know if you feel the same, but when comes the Holidays, I am always inspired to create an impressive amount of projets! Every year I write a never ending list that seems to grow magically and without my notice. I list all the things that I want to make for us to wear or give, as well as all the deco items that would love to do. Year after year, it’s a long process that I […]

Something to be proud of – Mummykins and Me Comfy Cowl Hoodie

I have a new pattern to share with you today! And this one is very special to me because I contributed behind the scene. Pretty cool huh?! I can’t help bragging a bit, I am so sorry, hehe. Let me tell you about it and I’m sure you’ll understand.
J’ai un patron tout nouveau tout chaud à vous présenter aujourd’hui! Un patron qui m’est bien spécial puisque j’ai contribué à sa conception, bien au-delà de mon […]

The Jolie Skirt – One Thimble 10

Hi there! Welcome back! Today I have a very special make to share with you! A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to test out the new Skirt Jolie pattern from Filles à Maman (holy cuteness!!!!).  This Indie pattern designer is very special to me mostly because I love her modern and cool designs but also because she is from Québec like me.
The Skirt Jolie will be available in the next issue of One Thimble […]

Welcome to Élégantine!

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here. Welcome to my Blog! This is my very first blog post EVER! I have some awesome makes to share with you but before I get into this, let me introduce myself.
Bonjour bonjour!! Bienvenu dans mon blogue Élégantine! Je suis très heureuse que vous soyez ici et de vous présenter ENFIN mon tout premier billet. Oh comme j’ai d’extraordinaires projets à partager avec vous!!! Mais avant de sauter […]